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I live in Amsterdam and just finished my masters degree in comparative literature. I love reading (figures) and knitting which I have been doing for over two years. This blog will be about my knitting and about me.

Monday, August 28, 2006

What came in the mail today

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Yesterday I almost finished the back of Marilyn I'll post some pictures later. Not much knitting today, the weather sucks it keeps raining (not just raining, but almost biblical rainfalls every hour or so). Today I am preparing to look for a job since I am (hopefully) done with my MA in literature. I have to find a temporary job to pay the rent and from there start looking for a "real" job. Fortunately, the mail cheered me up with a copy of Vintage Style by Rowan and The Time Travelller's Wife which is next month's book over at Knit the Classics . I joined Knit the Classics last week and I am really looking forward to the reading and knitting.

Saturday, August 26, 2006

Back from Maastricht

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On thursday and friday I was in Maastricht with my dad. It was about sixteen years ago that I las visited Maastricht. It was even better than I remembered. The people are very friendly, the city is beautiful with a lot of tiny medieval houses and city walls and the food was amazing. I had the best 'Limburgse Vlaai' ever (we ate it for breakfast and had to wait for the delivery guy who delivered them fresh from the bakery). I am definitely going back. Ofcourse I had to visit a yarn store, the best one in Maastricht (according to internet sources) was Buttons and Beads (no website). I thought it was lovely, it is a store that specializes in buttons, beads and yarn (not included in the store's name) even though they stock a lot of the usual suspects (Rowan, Phildar etc..) they also had the yarn in the picture called Franse Landwol. It is a hundred percent wool in a lot of unexpected colours (like the green in the picture). The shop is made special by the very friendly (and young!) staff and the cosy interior. I bought 8 skeins of the green and I think they are destined to become Marilyn. I deskeined them yesterday while watching a really scary French film . Took me two hours. I also bought two skeins of red destined to become some sort of hat.

Wednesday, August 23, 2006


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My boyfriend's parents visited us today. I gave my boyfriend's mother, marjan, her scarf (sans cat). And because she hadn't seen me for a while we went to the yarnstore where I got 3 balls of Kid Silk Haze in the colour I wanted to make Kiri. I do hope that a darker colour yarn is the answer to my problems otherwise I'll become the girl who has balls and balls of Kid Silk Haze without being able to do something with it. I could easliy make this with it and i am thinking of using the light pink Kid Silk Haze for this pattern. I only understood the charm of this pattern when I saw the trailer of Annie in Zomergasten last sunday. When I saw the trailer I suddenly thought about the Grace pattern and it clicked, but maybe it should be in yellow and not in pink.....hm, decisions, decisions.

Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Cat and Scarf

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I finally finished the scarf I for my boyfriend's mother. I've been working on this for a long time. The pattern is Misty Garden by Jo Sharp from Scarf Style. I used two strands of Kid Silk Haze held together. One a solid colour the other, Kid Silk Spray, is slightly variegated. Therefore the scarf has subtle colour differences. It turned out real nice. She's blocking now and I hope she's dry by tomorrow so I can gift her.
Lola was slightly disturbed by the wet mohair scarf and was not willing to pose with it properly (probably because it wasn't for her)

Monday, August 21, 2006

Finished bag

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I had swatched for a knitted bag earlier this week and actually knitted it yesterday. I simply knitted it in the round decreased for the handle pieces and sewed the bottom. The handles I took from an old hideous bag. Because I wanted to finish it nicely I wanted to buy some vintagey fabric. Since the craft movement is not really evolved to something that is hip and happening in Holland I had to search the internet to find a store that has some stuff to my liking. I found Handmade Heaven . This is a really beautiful and hip store. Looking at the website you can see what kind of aesthetic she is going for. She has all kinds of cool things for crafting. It was here that I found the vintage fabric for the lining (you can see a little bit of it on the picture) very swirly sixties style in the perfect colour for my bag. I also bought the blue ribbon and the pink which is not really a ribbon but resembling the string they use for corsets. i also bought the cute flower to sew on top of the ribbon. I am really pleased with the results, especially since I made up the pattern myself (and having never sewed a lining). Here a re the details:

Knitted Girly Bag
Yarn used: Katia Scotch Tweed ( 65% silk, 26% wool, 9% viscose)
Knitted in the round using Inox 4,5 mm 60 cm bamboo circular needle (I would actually recommend a metal needle for this type of yarn)
i used Moss stitch for the body and garter stitch for the handles.
lined with vintage fabric. Handles recycled form old bag. With Ribbon threaded through the top

Sunday, August 20, 2006

Things I learned from Kiri (and Birch)

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How I wanted, no lusted after, Birch. Especially when other people posted their beautiful examples like this and this. I caved when I tried on one in my LYS. I bought the yarn, Kid Silk Haze in the lightest, frothiest baby pink. I casted on and made a mistake, cast on again made another mistake, frogged, tried again well you can probably guess what happened next.....I crashed and burned on Birch. But I still want a lacey mohair scarf. So I found Kiriand discovered i can knit lace if I only remember these things :

1: I have to understand the pattern. The pattern repeats must be logical.
2: I actually like knitting lace from a chart better than from written instructions. Since kiri has both I was able to discover this (I always thought I would hate charts)
3: I can't knit lace for hours on end. it's better to do one or two pattern repeats, do something else, do another repeat, it keeps me from becoming sloppy.
4: I am not very fond of patterns that make you cast on 299 stitches.
5: My first lace project should probably not be made of a colour yarn that, when it's on needles, is hardly visible (Looking at this yarn on any needles makes me feel like I am snowblind).

Having learnt all this, she is getting frogged (can you see my mistake?) and made into something that does not require any yarnovers.
I am buying me some darker colour of Kidsilk Haze next week (what about this colour?) and start my new Kiri. It may be a long dark road that leads to the perfect lace scarf, but eventually I WILL PREVAIL!

Thursday, August 17, 2006


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I swatched for the bag yesterday and I figured knitting in the round and sewing the bottom would be the smartest (and easiest). Since my hands were still hurting from swatching the yarn for the bag I've started something new.
In honour of the movie I watched tonight (second time) ,Lemony Snickets about the Baudelaire orphans, I've started Baudelaire the sock pattern from the latest Knitty . I am actually not a really experienced sock knitter. But the nice pattern, interesting new technique (toe up) and having bought some really pink sock yarn last week lead me to believe that it's destiny.

Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Will it work?

probeersel tas
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My paper is not yet finished, but I did swatch for the bag. I like this yarn which is made by Katia en is silk, viscose and wool. I want the bag to be sturdy, or at least not lose it's shape so I've looked in my Vogue Stitchionary. The yarn is not very comfortable to knit with so I gave up on using complicated stitches like purse stitch (even though it has a very appropriate name). I've settled on moss stitch (row 1 and 2 K2 P2 row 3 and 4 P2 K2) I am thinking of knitting a base and picking up stitches for knitting in the round. The handles are from an old granny like knitting bag (rest of bag very unstylish) making this project budget friendly!

First Post

I used to have a different blog called 'adventures in knitting' on which I posted a whopping five times.
Time to start afresh or anew or whatever you may call it. I now have a good computer, an acceptable camera (well not really, but it takes pictures) and have been knitting a lot. Today (or tomorrow depending on how quickly I finish my final paper for my masters degree) I am going to swatch for a bag. I've wanted a knitted bag for a long time, I have been looking for patterns but haven't found any nice ones. I will attempt to design one myself, more on that later.