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I live in Amsterdam and just finished my masters degree in comparative literature. I love reading (figures) and knitting which I have been doing for over two years. This blog will be about my knitting and about me.

Wednesday, August 23, 2006


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My boyfriend's parents visited us today. I gave my boyfriend's mother, marjan, her scarf (sans cat). And because she hadn't seen me for a while we went to the yarnstore where I got 3 balls of Kid Silk Haze in the colour I wanted to make Kiri. I do hope that a darker colour yarn is the answer to my problems otherwise I'll become the girl who has balls and balls of Kid Silk Haze without being able to do something with it. I could easliy make this with it and i am thinking of using the light pink Kid Silk Haze for this pattern. I only understood the charm of this pattern when I saw the trailer of Annie in Zomergasten last sunday. When I saw the trailer I suddenly thought about the Grace pattern and it clicked, but maybe it should be in yellow and not in, decisions, decisions.


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