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Sunday, August 20, 2006

Things I learned from Kiri (and Birch)

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How I wanted, no lusted after, Birch. Especially when other people posted their beautiful examples like this and this. I caved when I tried on one in my LYS. I bought the yarn, Kid Silk Haze in the lightest, frothiest baby pink. I casted on and made a mistake, cast on again made another mistake, frogged, tried again well you can probably guess what happened next.....I crashed and burned on Birch. But I still want a lacey mohair scarf. So I found Kiriand discovered i can knit lace if I only remember these things :

1: I have to understand the pattern. The pattern repeats must be logical.
2: I actually like knitting lace from a chart better than from written instructions. Since kiri has both I was able to discover this (I always thought I would hate charts)
3: I can't knit lace for hours on end. it's better to do one or two pattern repeats, do something else, do another repeat, it keeps me from becoming sloppy.
4: I am not very fond of patterns that make you cast on 299 stitches.
5: My first lace project should probably not be made of a colour yarn that, when it's on needles, is hardly visible (Looking at this yarn on any needles makes me feel like I am snowblind).

Having learnt all this, she is getting frogged (can you see my mistake?) and made into something that does not require any yarnovers.
I am buying me some darker colour of Kidsilk Haze next week (what about this colour?) and start my new Kiri. It may be a long dark road that leads to the perfect lace scarf, but eventually I WILL PREVAIL!


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