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I live in Amsterdam and just finished my masters degree in comparative literature. I love reading (figures) and knitting which I have been doing for over two years. This blog will be about my knitting and about me.

Monday, August 28, 2006

What came in the mail today

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Yesterday I almost finished the back of Marilyn I'll post some pictures later. Not much knitting today, the weather sucks it keeps raining (not just raining, but almost biblical rainfalls every hour or so). Today I am preparing to look for a job since I am (hopefully) done with my MA in literature. I have to find a temporary job to pay the rent and from there start looking for a "real" job. Fortunately, the mail cheered me up with a copy of Vintage Style by Rowan and The Time Travelller's Wife which is next month's book over at Knit the Classics . I joined Knit the Classics last week and I am really looking forward to the reading and knitting.


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