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I live in Amsterdam and just finished my masters degree in comparative literature. I love reading (figures) and knitting which I have been doing for over two years. This blog will be about my knitting and about me.

Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Will it work?

probeersel tas
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My paper is not yet finished, but I did swatch for the bag. I like this yarn which is made by Katia en is silk, viscose and wool. I want the bag to be sturdy, or at least not lose it's shape so I've looked in my Vogue Stitchionary. The yarn is not very comfortable to knit with so I gave up on using complicated stitches like purse stitch (even though it has a very appropriate name). I've settled on moss stitch (row 1 and 2 K2 P2 row 3 and 4 P2 K2) I am thinking of knitting a base and picking up stitches for knitting in the round. The handles are from an old granny like knitting bag (rest of bag very unstylish) making this project budget friendly!


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