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I live in Amsterdam and just finished my masters degree in comparative literature. I love reading (figures) and knitting which I have been doing for over two years. This blog will be about my knitting and about me.

Sunday, September 03, 2006


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I started and finished this little bag today, I will christen her Cherie because she is very cute and obviously (raspberry red, polkadots!) very French. I swatched with the French wool yarn, but I came to the conclusion that wool does not make a very convincing looking bag. Instead I used Rowan's Summer Tweed in this lovely raspberry red colour. I found in my previous bag that this type of yarn makes a very nice sturdy fabric. She is actually rather small (witness the pillow in the background) but I was able to fit a book inside her. The fun of making these bags is not so much in the knitting as in the making up. I lined her with a chartreuse velvet fabric to make her sturdy and lined the top with black and wite polkadot fabric I recycled from an old scarf. I've sewed on wooden arched handles and threaded a velvet ribbon between the velvet and polkadot lining. As for the knitting part: she's basically a very large beanie, the top and decreases on the bottom are stockinette and the body is seed stitch which is a little bit more delicate then the stitch I used on the other bag. The beanie shape gives her a nice round shape. i'm probablly going to test drive her tomorrow when I start my new temporary job (!). My procrastinating days are over......Pictures of marilyn later (she's not dry yet...)


Blogger zoetegoed said...

Leuk, je tasjes en wat doe je dat snel!

1:13 PM  
Blogger Javajem said...

I love that bag and the lining is gorgeous!

I look forward to seeing more!

Your secret pal hostess

5:02 PM  

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