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Friday, September 01, 2006

Look who's blocking

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I finished Marilyn yesterday she's blocking right now, I didn't take any progress pictures since the knitting went so fast. I've been renting a lot of DVDs which made the knitting even quicker. My DVD rental place has this deal that if you rent something between 14:00 and 18:00 you can rent two DVDs for the price of one. So what did I watch while knitting Marilyn:
Tuesday: Reality Bites. This was one of my favorite movies when I was 15 years old thinking back it was really odd that I identified with it so much since it's about twentysomethings trying to find their way in life. Seeing it again I noticed the rather thin story, I still like it even though I don't identify with it anymore (while now is the time I should)
Annie Hall I always love Woody Allen, any Woody Allen, but Annie Hall is one of the best (maybe THE best). Even though I've seen it many times it remains funny and good with classic Allen dialogue's like "You are using this conspiracy theory (on the assasination of JFK) to avoid having sex with me" and " Don't say anything bad about masturbation, it's sex with someone I love".
Wednesday:.Transamerica I actually really liked this movie about a transgender played by Felicity Huffman who while waiting for the final operation that will turn her from man into woman discovers she has a son. This leads to a cross country roadtrip that is funny and moving. What I really loved about this movie was that it was never corny or sentimental and not reverting to happy end mode at the end of the movie.
Syriana. I had really high hopes for this one, but I actually found it all quite difficult to follow all the story lines. Even though it was at times gripping and about things that play a big role in the world today (the influence of oil on world economy and politics) it took too long to get into the story and really grip me.
Thursday: Yesterday morning whcih I had designated as big knitting day in which to finish Marilyn I started with Twin Peaks the first season. This is actually the first time I saw it because I generally don't like David Lynch. I actually did like all of this madness. As for knitting I think I might ddesign some Audrey inspired sweater (she is the only one who wears very cute 50s inspired knitwear as opposed to the rest who all wear very 80s inspired knitwear)
In the evening it was time for Walk the Line. I really love Johhny Cash even before the movie was ever made so this movie was a must see especially since it stars the lovely Reese Witherspoom who I love in every movie she does (but especially in Legally Blond!)Good music, good acting.
Saving the best for last Broken Flowers. If you haven't seen this you must immediately make sure yoou do see it. This is one of those movies in which everything is perfect, the story, the actors and the music. This is Bill Murray at his very best it is about a guy (Don Johnston) played by Murray who gets an anonymous letter telling him he has a twenty year old son. This leads his next door neighbour (very well played by Jeffrey Wright, you know the guy who played Basquiat) to send Don on a road trip revisiting some ex-girlfriends who might be the anonymous letter writer. I won't say anything else about except that you should SEE IT.

Back to the sweater, all this movie watching did lead to avery nice sweater. The pattern was very clear, I tried her on yesterday and she fit perfectly. I knit the smallest size since I didn't want a baggy sweater (with me being busty and all) I will post some pictures of me modelling it when she's dry (might take a few days).
Next project, I think another bag. Remember the red yarn I bought last week? I bought some handels and lining fabric yesterday, today I'll swatch...more later.


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